Bad Dreams

Night was never a respite from the torture of the daytime then in my marriage, not now after the divorce. Nighttime I climb into bed exhausted and relive the fear  in my dreams. Divorced now a few years and I still have several nightmares a month. He stalks my dreams. The fear still exists in … Continue reading Bad Dreams

The Hurt Train

We all climb aboard unknowingly, with our one way tickets in hand, riding from one destination to the next.  It's just a normal part of the cycle of life. People hurt each other every day in a million different ways. Husbands hurt their wives, wives hurt their husbands, family members, friends, and strangers. We all hurt … Continue reading The Hurt Train


Do any of you really know what fear is? Terror, fright, horror, panic, alarm, dread..... yes, all that, but also the feeling of it physically affecting your body....shaking....quivering....sweating....tightening of muscles..... like stepping inside a scary horror flick. Washing the the evening dishes, staring at my reflection in the darkened window,  I would feel the fear creeping … Continue reading Fear

Army of One

Three things.  It was three things that happened in the last remnants of what remained of my marriage that I couldn't forgive you for.  I spent thirty plus years forgiving everything you ever did. Those last three things ended our marriage. Attacking our daughter, attacking my brother, and  your explosive behavior at work that landed … Continue reading Army of One