The Good Stuff

In order to have happiness, I have to choose it.  No one is going to make me happy.  It is all on me.  I have to make a choice.  I can make lemonade out of lemons if I want to.  Life is as simple as that.  I can be bitter and hateful about things that happened to me in my past or I can accept it for what it is, the past, and just move forward.  I can laugh and smile and find joy in the mundane details of life. It is entirely up to me.  I can change a flat tire wearing a dress in the pouring rain and laugh at the ridiculousness of life or I can complain and live in past miseries.I have weeded out people in my life that have been toxic to me. I have let all the anger and bitterness evaporate into the air. My batteries have been recharged with positiveness.  I choose happiness. I want to share love and laughter in the smallest things wherever I go.  I want to inspire others that are where I used to be.  Life doesn’t have to be full of secrets and sadness.  I don’t even know that it is about forgiveness. It is really about choosing to concentrate on the the little things each day that make you smile deep inside.  Things like trying to keep a shriveling terrarium alive,yes, plants hate me. The tears and sadness live within me still, they just rise enough to make me appreciate the little things, like turning off the lamp and seeing my daughter peacefully sleeping under my roof, or the beauty of the low-lying fog in the valley as I drive to the barn,  the soft warmth of my dog curled up against me on a chilly morning listening to his puppy snores, having apple pie with my coffee for breakfast…that my friends, is the good stuff of life….my life.

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