Whose the real Monster?

I think I was nineteen. We had decided to drive to Universal Studios in Hollywood. I remember how excited I was to go and see all the special effects and characters in costumes. Jaws was pretty popular and there was a coaster type ride with a shark lurching at you with all those jagged teeth.  Frankenstein was walking around and we took a photo with him. We were standing looking at a program with the show times trying to decide which one to attend first.  Something interesting caught my eye and I brought it to his attention.  In an instant he grabbed my purse and threw it hard about a hundred feet away. I watched it skid across the pavement into the crowd with everything spilling out everywhere. He had me roughly by the arm and was screaming at me in a rage.  I don’t even remember what he was saying. I just tried to shrink into myself because everyone was staring. When he got no reaction from me, he finally let go and I began picking up my things that were scattered all over the ground.  I didn’t want to stay. We made our way to the car and it was a very tense, silent, miserable ride home. Of course at home the rage continued into a day long fight.  That consisted of him screaming and yelling, blaming me. Then the silent treatment for a day.  Then the acting like nothing happened and by the way, whats for dinner.Over dinner, of course, it’s the explaining why what happened was my fault. Then me apologizing for my attitude that was the cause of his bad behavior. Monsters were real but Frankenstein was harmless.  I should’ve gone home with him.

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