Firing Back

I bought a gun. It is a Springfield  XD semi-automatic, 9mm with a four inch barrel.  As I signed and dated the paperwork, I realized something ironic.  It would have been my 33rd anniversary.  Life is full of bizarre coincidence.  Feeling the weight of my new weapon in my hand  gave me confidence. I scored 100% on the Firearms Safety Test and that gave me confidence too.

I haven’t had a nightmare in three weeks.  Strange that in the last two nightmares I had about him, his family was present.  Even though I felt fear, I confronted him and his family about the way he treated me. I stood up for myself.  Finally. I said things I wanted to say for a long time. Maybe he won’t haunt my sleep anymore. Maybe it’s because of the gun I now own. Maybe my mind knows I can protect myself in the real world. I am slowly rebuilding myself, brick by brick.

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