Damage is the aftermath left behind when something catastrophic happens. It’s the twisted, bent steel of a runaway train that flies off the tracks, rolling and smashing everything in its path.  Some damage can never be repaired or undone. You are Damage. By running a thousand miles away, you hurt your children. By leaving the state and taking their college waivers away, you hurt your children. By hanging up on your daughter when she desperately wanted to talk to you, you hurt your children. By cancelling your children’s student loans, you hurt your children. By lying to the financial institution and saying they forged your name, you hurt your children. When they tried to renew their student loans, they suffered the consequences of your impulsive, spiteful actions. By calling their college apartment manager and wanting to take your name off as cosigner on their lease, you hurt your children.  By calling their apartment manager and reporting they got a new puppy without paying a $500 security deposit, you hurt your children.  By telling the apartment manager you want their puppy evicted, you hurt your children. By continually harassing their apartment manager and threatening her, you hurt your children. By unexpectedly leaving them stranded without a way to pay for fuel on a dark night after a class, you hurt your children. By taking the money from all our joint accounts, including the meager jar of change on the closet shelf,  you deprived your children of the things they needed. To hurt me, you stole from your children. It did hurt me, but it hurt them more. By trying to claim their personal items and belongings in our divorce, you hurt your children. By taking their names off of life insurance, you hurt your children. By having your sister send ugly lengthy messages to them trying to guilt them, you hurt your children.  By leaving them ugly voice  and e-mails, you hurt your children. By threatening us all, you destroyed your relationship with your children.  You valued revenge and money over them. You abandoned and alienated them all by yourself. You removed your children from your life. You are damage, even to yourself.  By taking away every family member on your side, you hurt your children. Not one of them has contacted your children to ask how they are doing or if they need help, not their grandmother, grandfather, or numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. That too, has hurt your children. I will never abandon my children. I will always be there for them.  I have no pity for you for what you created.   Yes, you are damage.

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