Greed and Selfishness

He was always so greedy.  It makes perfect sense to me that he mentally, physically, and especially financially abruptly cut off his girls and me. He spent our entire marriage buying every man toy he ever wanted. I was barely able to get braces for both girls teeth.  He over the years bought dirt bikes, quads, and a ski boat.  He owned three new $50,000-$60,000 expensive loaded trucks and a brand new corvette. He also had to have at least three $10,000 Rolex watches and a $5000 Breitling watch. Let’s not leave out the Harley Davidson or the two twin turbo three-seater brand new Sea Doo jet skis with a new trailer to pull them. He had good taste and we were always struggling to pay for every  big ticket item he wanted and had to have now plus the things our girls needed. We could never afford to go on the simplest of vacations or even get season passes for the zoo. I would feel guilty if I got a haircut once a year. Material possessions just didn’t mean much to me because anything important to me he would break in a rage. Sometimes he would just throw stuff away on trash day, my stuff. Not his. Then, he would say disingenuously, “Oh sorry.” I learned to not get attached to anything.   He wanted every one to believe he was a generous loving man, but he was truly selfish and greedy.

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