Can I please pay the Ticket?

So many times he just didn’t make sense.  I would be dumbfounded by some of the things he would do.  I seriously can’t make this stuff up.  When cities need money, sometimes they would send code enforcement to drive through neighborhoods and give tickets for the smallest of infractions. One of the ticketable offenses was leaving your trash bin overnight on the curb after the trash was picked up.  Yes, one day we received a city ticket in the mail for having done just that. Upon finding it in the mailbox, my husband immediately turned red-faced and started raging about it. Of course, I was the only one around to face his anger.  He eventually decided to call the city code enforcement office to give them a piece of his mind. One minute he was yelling into the phone about paying his taxes and being harassed as a home owner. The next he was apologizing and insisting that he pay the fine.  I listened to him telling the person on the other end of the phone that it wasn’t her fault he left his trash bin on the curb and please don’t waive the fine, he was guilty and really needed to pay it.  Unbelievable! Did that really happen?  They told him to just tear it up and the city would waive the fees, and he instead insisted he would like to pay it. What an ass!  Why even call in the first place?  I could only shake my head.  The next time, the fee is like $300, up from $30 for a first time. His brain was just wired differently.  He could be very self righteous at times.

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