He included our girls in his vengeance on me.  He saw them equally as the enemy because in his twisted mind, they were harboring a criminal- me.  I kept intact his precious credit rating and saved us $18,000 in rent and utilities by  moving myself out of the three bedroom house we were renting and helping with getting our lease taken over by a new tenant. While moving and cleaning out the house, I slept on the floor on a blanket and then a single  mattress at my girls apartment for six months. It was an impossible task, moving with no resources, but I got it done. I gave away what I couldn’t sell AND gave him half the money for the things I could sell.  He closed or emptied every account including cancelling the fuel cards our girls used.  He redirected all the family income to himself and left the state. He even emptied the change jar in the closet leaving behind just a few laundromat tokens. He told me to beg him for money.  Bastard.  He stole from his girls.Yes, he stole from me too, but I  expected that.  He harassed the apartment manager where his girls lived for college and  demanded she evict the puppy they had gotten at a shelter.  Then knowing they didn’t have the money, he demanded they pay a $500 security deposit for the puppy.  He tried to take his name as co-signer off their lease.  Both our girls received an email one night that he had cancelled their student loans. In his last conversation with Holly before hanging up on her, he told her she was a disappointment and committed fraud by signing his name without his permission to her student loans for four years. This wasn’t true. I was present every year with him doing the esigning.  Holly was a valedictorian in high school and had received many academic awards. She went to college to be a nuclear engineer and had worked full time for a well known defense contractor for three years.  A disappointment?  I just have no words for the hurt he inflicted on his girls needlessly.  One night that first month after he left,he kept calling each of our phones in a relentless circle. The girls were getting upset, so I had no choice but to answer.  He screamed into the phone about everything being my fault and that our girls were a huge disappointment and a burden. Unfortunately they heard him and will probably never forgive him.  What a selfish bastard. His hate for me overshadowed his love for our girls. His need for revenge and his greed destroyed his relationship with them. He didn’t need any help from me to do that. It wasn’t enough to abandon them, he had to also terrorize them. He is his own self-fulfilling prophecy.  He always claimed his biggest fear was dying alone.  That is exactly how he has positioned his life. He will not be at his daughters’ college graduations, weddings, or see his grandchildren born. I wouldn’t wish this on an enemy and certainly not on the father of my girls.  Everything that has come to pass is a consequence of his actions and choices.

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