“That Receptionist is a Racist”

It was a totally normal morning out for breakfast except that on the drive home my husband pulled into the parking lot of our local police department and parked. He sneered ” Follow me, I need you to be my witness,” as he jumped out of the car and walked that “on a mission and nothing will get in my way” sort of walk. I had no idea what he wanted or needed there but, as usual, that coil in my stomach instantly tightened as I hurried after him. He stormed into the lobby with his tight-lipped demon face and demanded to the sweet elderly receptionist to speak with the Sergeant on duty.  She patiently explained the procedure of filling out a form first.  This infuriated him and he was already agitated and manic.  He began screaming at her in his best drill instructor voice. “You are black and I am white and you won’t do what I say so that makes you a racist!” I was horrified and did my best to shrink into the visitor’s bench trying not to be noticed. I definitely didn’t want to be a  witness to anything. The receptionist kept her cool though she must have been so confused.  He didn’t make any sense. He just kept ranting about blacks,racism, and personally attacking her character. About that time, the Police Sergeant opened the door and calmly asked what the problem was. He was young and obviously worked out evidenced by his muscular build. My husband fixated on his rolled up sleeves  with their protruding muscles.. He began another random crazy tirade about being one of them and how he used to have muscles and how life wasn’t fair. The officer remained calm and listened to him sympathetically.  My husband seemed to slowly  slide back into reality and sat next to me and began to cry and apologize. After a short time, he stood, wiped his face, and apologized to the receptionist and the Police Sergeant…And then we left. I’m certain they deal with many different personality types every day.  They clearly had excellent training and compassion I think because my husband was a retired police officer.Perhaps a loyalty thing for one of their own.  I’m gratetful.  I certainly didn’t feel like bailing him out of jail and they absolutely could have locked him up for 5150 at least for the day. I still have no idea why we even stopped there in the first place.  Everywhere we went he would have these crazy episodes randomly. Sometimes you could predict it, sometimes not. I preferred them to happen at home because it was safer.I thought I controlled the environment at home and I was used to it.  The public would just look at him like he was a horrible person and I would just be so humiliated for the both of us.  Secrets were best kept behind closed doors.  It was a miserable way to live.

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