Ultimate Consequence

He’s missed out on so very many things in our lives in the past year;

a new puppy, two  toes and a new iphone 6 being broken when the horses stepped on them, horses, lessons, barn time, barn lunches at Village Pizza, waking up to stolen license plates, Holly’s stolen wallet and trying to retrieve it from the pervert who held it hostage,  Allison’s successful first year of college, his daughter’s first love and learning to drive a six speed and the excitement and nerves that go with it, his friend being paralyzed, the suicide of another, the innocence of a seven year old’s birthday party, his daughter’s overcoming her biggest fear-needles, Holly’s love of stuffing her arm up a cow’s rear end to see if it’s pregnant, career choices, goals, jobs, the F…ing train with the puppy howling and us laughing til we cried, piling on the couch and crowding around a tiny i pad to watch Game of Thrones intently because we had the cheapest cable, watching the sun rise over the Grand Canyon, feeding a herd of deer, getting a new to her truck that she picked, two electronic car key fobs getting crushed and a three hour tow truck ride, moving twice, tears, responsibilities,love, joy, accomplishments.

The responsibilities you left me to pick up the shattered pieces of;

providing food and shelter, breaking a six month lease, moving out of a three bedroom, three car garage house alone, disposing of all our thirty two years of belongings, having to move again because we didn’t have a co-signer to keep the college apartment,  co-signing student loans for our girls, figuring out how to pay for college for two , books, expenses, losing medical insurance, paying for needed vaccinations that cost $400,  $100 inhalers so your girls could breathe, illnesses, medications, car registrations, six tires, five sets of brakes on three cars, trying to rustle up enough quarters to buy milk at times.

Well, here we are, thriving, happy, figuring out life.  You can play the victim and seek sympathy and pity. You lied, deceived, manipulated, stole money needed to provide for your children. You took everything financially and materialistically that you could carry.  Here we are though. We have joy, we have happiness together, we have a bond, we have each other.  That’s something you will never have. Money can be earned, things can be replaced.

Your ultimate consequence…..you lost us…

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