A Wasted Life?

You disappear. You become invisible.  You cease to exist. There is no you. Instead of evolving, you devolve.  You become nothing. You break down and become smaller every moment of every day. Your parts all together don’t make a whole, they just make a piece. A piece of what you used to be. You live in a prison, in a box, four walls within four more walls.  It’s a coffin.  You are dying.  It’s your coffin.  There is no way out.  You are trapped. You stop struggling.  You brainwash yourself.  You are acceptance. You are passiveness.  You are forgiveness. You are guilt. You seek peace. You form a mantra…..this is my life..this is all it will ever be.. accept what is….You say it over and over every night. It’s the last thought in your head as you fall asleep and the first thought as you wake. Every day is the same. You survive without living.  Days become weeks. Weeks become months. Months become years.

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