Damage is the aftermath left behind when something catastrophic happens. It's the twisted, bent steel of a runaway train that flies off the tracks, rolling and smashing everything in its path.  Some damage can never be repaired or undone. You are Damage. By running a thousand miles away, you hurt your children. By leaving the … Continue reading Damage


Everything I did, he criticized. Everything I was, he criticized. Every hope I had for myself, he criticized. I enjoyed a lot of different games before him. It was fun to hit a tennis ball back and forth. He cured me of that by hitting me hard with a tennis ball and throwing his racquet … Continue reading Games


Every single thought in your head goes through a process before you have a visible reaction or speak a single word.  It doesn't matter how harmless or mundane the thought is.  You are on autopilot thinking and rethinking every possible reaction he could possibly have.  So your face is simply a blank mask.  Your eyes … Continue reading Robot