Bad Dreams

Night was never a respite from the torture of the daytime then in my marriage, not now after the divorce. Nighttime I climb into bed exhausted and relive the fear  in my dreams. Divorced now a few years and I still have several nightmares a month. He stalks my dreams. The fear still exists in … Continue reading Bad Dreams



While out walking you stumbled upon a sluggish moth, brown and dying, her heavy dull wings motionless on the ground. You picked her up, nourished her, and watched her transform before you Into a butterfly. She lived within the protective walls you encircled her with, and she became alive. You gave her scattered moments of … Continue reading Butterfly


Do any of you really know what fear is? Terror, fright, horror, panic, alarm, dread..... yes, all that, but also the feeling of it physically affecting your body....shaking....quivering....sweating....tightening of muscles..... like stepping inside a scary horror flick. Washing the the evening dishes, staring at my reflection in the darkened window,  I would feel the fear creeping … Continue reading Fear